Start recognizing Peace in our communities.

One male student injured in the shooting has gone through surgery, while the other is doing well, Washoe County School District Chief of Police Mike Mieras said during a news conference.

Math teacher Michael Landsberry was identified by his family as the staff member killed in the shooting. The suspected gunman was also dead, and authorities say no shots were fired by law enforcement. Washoe County Emergency Manager Aaron Kenneston told Reuters that the gunman died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Gun control has not worked and world peace is a puzzle that keeps falling apart. so we’ve got to try something different.  Try giving a formal “Peace Recognition” to someone you know.  Over time this might help minimize all these shootings.


3 thoughts on “Start recognizing Peace in our communities.

  1. Obviously the NRA condones such violence. That’s exactly why they continue to advertise the irresponsible proliferation of weapons, specially in our nation’s schools. They could take sensible and liable actions to assist prevent this sort of violence when the NRA was truly concerned with the absolutely alarming boost in school pistol violence. After it is easier to get weapons than the usual driver’s permit, there is a serious issue; and the NRA is primary to that issue. I communicate as a past NRA fellow member, right approximately the early 1980’s when their current reckless stance began to emerge. My father was a existence long NRA member.


    • I invite you to join Veterans For Peace; they are totally against war and guns and you do not have to be a veteran to join; they have associate memberships.


  2. Was Michael Brown truly unarmed when Officer Darren Wilson shot him? Because, Darren claims that Michael had jumped for and had a hand on Darren’s gun and that is why Darren shot. This begs the question, was Michael Brown truly unarmed. I suggest that investigators need to answer this question.


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