Help me promote my “Peace Credits Rating and Reporting” ideas.

Hello, my name is Jay Larsen,

I am seeking to partner with anyone to help me promote some concepts I have been evolving since the Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut shootings, I have researched and given a lot of thought to how we might think outside the box concerning gun control and violence vs peace in our environment. We need to try something different, rather than doing the same things we’ve been trying, while still thinking we’ll get a different result.

A good action movie or video game is fun, exciting and easily marketable, whereas peace is not so exciting, maybe even dull and boring, and not as marketable. Many people enjoy a good action movie and even a good video game where the object is to destroy the opponent. That’s OK for the average person; because, the average person typically has a healthy balance of peace vs violence in their world and can handle the imbalance. Yet, if someone is exposed to too much violence, they possibly jeopardize that healthy, peace vs violence balance.

I have what I call Peace Credits Rate, which are much similar to a financial credit score that helps people determine how much debt they can afford. So, a peace credit rate helps people determine how much violence they can afford in their entertainment environment of movies and games.

Also, speaking of entertainment environment, I am also promoting the idea that just as carbon is an out-of-balance bi-product pollutant of our physical environment world, violence is an out-of-balance bi-product pollutant of our entertainment environment, because of how I described it in the second paragraph of this message. So, I’m trying to invite producers of violent movies and video games to participate in helping to fund a peace credits fund that would help reverse any imbalance of violence in peoples’ entertainment environment. This is much like companies are doing with wetlands and forests to help reverse the imbalance of carbon in our physical environment. I also invite gun manufacturers and sports organizations to join in this effort. Gun manufactures could participate by setting up a peace credits fund and sports organizations could create a fund so that when a fight breaks out at a sporting event, some of the money from fines issued to the players and teams could go to this “Peace Credits Fund” Then this money would be used for people who recognize someone as not having a healthy balance of peace in their lives could be helped to bring peace back into their world, before they go and shoot someone. If you like these ideas, I would love to partner with you in getting this message out to people.

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Thank you, sincerely, Jay Larsen

Copyright Dec. 2014: The term “Peace Credit Rate” “Peace Credit Score and Peace Credit Report” are intellectual property of Jay Larsen and are encouraged to be used as long as is also mentioned.

PS: Just a quick world about how I came up with Arm Chair Institute; I have always been a thinker and years ago, I realized I was like the guy sitting on the couch watching football, referred to as the armchair quarterback, Well, I saw myself as an armchair philosopher. So, there you have it. Thank again.


The Brawl at the Miami Beach Bowl game needs a Peace Credits Fine

So both teams who play in the Miami Beach bowl Game need to be fined and some of that fine money needs to go a “Peace Credits” fund set up by the Arm-Chair Institute. This money will be used to promote a more balanced peaceful world. We will do this by educating people that violence has become a bi-product pollutant of our entertainment culture just as carbon has become a bi-product pollutant of our physical world. So, just as carbon is out of balance in our physical environment, violence is out of balance in our entertainment environment. The inverse of that is to say that peace out of balance in our entertainment environment, which causes those who do not have a healthy balance of peace to be able to properly handle conflict in their life.

Therefore, let’s get BYU and Memphis to be the first schools to contribute to this “Peace Credits” fund and start to reverse this peace imbalance in our worlds. Thank you, sincerely, Jay Larsen, Chairman of the Arm-Chair Institute.

Promote a balance of peace in your own world

I heard on NPR this morning that the truce, one hundred years ago, as soon as the leaders on both sides found out about the truce, they halted it and made everyone get back in the trenches and resume killing each other.  Sometimes, I think the world would be better off if we did not have narcissistic, egoistic leaders.  Most people just want to live and get along together.    Promote a balance of peace in your own world by taking the questionnaire offered on  Visit and support us.  Thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Ways To Get Involved in the efforts to celebrate the Christmas Truce

I love the TV series called Moms

The TV series, Moms,  the show depicts three women as mother daughter, grand daughter, struggling to get their lives together after struggling with alcohol and being in some abusive relationships.  I really see these women as being very genuine and honest in a fun light-hearted way.  To me, this show represents what true peace is all about.  I love it; thank you very much.

I just finished listening to Alternative Radio

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Vandana Shiva on Alternative Radio talk about Radical Compassion.  I invite people to visit  I’m not sure if I completely understood her message about intellectual property and in trying to protect  what I have thought about, I am probably violating what she is saying; but I have to do something.  So here I am sharing my message hoping people will get excited about it.  Please support my effort of trying to get people to take a different look at how we are contributing to the imbalance of peace in our worlds.

Yes, I agree, let’s try a different approach!

Yes, I agree, let’s try a different approach to peace and with relations with other nations.  I support the idea to allow US citizens to start having open relations with the citizens of Cuba.  This is better than continuing the past 54 years of what we have already tried.  I also believe that here at home, we deserve to try some different approaches to violence in hopes to curtail the growing amount of shootings.

Perhaps we can recognize that for the average person, peace is fairly well in balance, and the average person can afford to participate in violent movies and violent video-games; yet more and more people are experiencing peace in their worlds getting more and more out of balance.

I encourage everyone to look at my “Peace Credit Evaluation”  to help them determine whether they can afford to participate in violent movies or video games.

Please support this movement by sending this to your friends and also donate financially to this cause.

Copyright:  The term:  “Peace Credit Evaluation” is intellectual property of Jay Larsen and the Arm-Chair Institute.  Use of the term is encouraged as long as credit is given to Arm-Chair Institute, by also mentioning

60 Minutes featured Jon Kabat-Zinn talking about “Mindfulness”

IN an attempt to restore peace in our worlds, we deserve to practice peace in our lives.  Even by giving your neighbor a neighbor peace prize.  We also deserve to examine whether we can afford to enjoy a violent video game or watch a violent movie.  Give yourself some support of recognizing how to measure to peace in your world by answering the “Peace Credit Rating” assessment that is part of this webpage.

Anniversary of the Newtown, Sandy Hook Massacre

These shootings have to stop, and I recommend that we try taking a different approach for us to some of this violence.  We deserve to start looking at whether we can afford to watch violent movies or play video games containing violence, even though the violence my only appear to be again a virtual reality imaginative character.  For the most part, the average person, you and I have a healthy balance of peace in our lives that we can afford to participate in these entertainments, without having an effect on us.  Yet there is a growing number of people who are participating in these activities which is causing a dulling effect on their senses, so that they get their real world confused with their virtual world.  Please encourage everyone to consider the questions in my “Peace Credit Rating” evaluation and share them with others.