Peace Credit Rate Helps Budget Violence in Entertainment

I want to speak on radio and TV shows, at civic clubs, churches and businesses about the need to try different approaches to the violence in our local communities. For over two years, since the Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut shootings, I have given a lot of thought to how we might think outside the box concerning gun control and violence in our communities.

We deserve to understand that violence in our communities is affected by the violence we enjoy in our entertainment environment. I suggest that the amount of violence we partake of in entertainment, needs to be budgeted with how much peace we have in our lives. We can all admit that a good action movie or video game (with some violence) is fun, exciting and marketable. It’s my experience that peace is not exciting , and marketable; it’s dull and boring. That being said, the average person typically has a healthy balance of peace vs violence in their environment and can handle some violence. Yet, some people lack a healthy balance of peace in their life, and when they are exposed to violence, they highly jeopardize their ability to make healthy choices when they encounter conflict situations in their real world.

I have created a peace credit system to help us budget how much violence debt we can afford in our entertainment, just like financial credit scores that helps us budget how much financial debt we can afford.

Just as carbon is an out-of-balance bi-product pollutant in our physical environment, we can make the argument that violence is an out-of-balance bi-product pollutant of our entertainment environment.

I am not suggesting or judging that violence in entertainment is bad, neither am I suggesting or judging that the manufacturing, driving cars or anything else we do that contributes to carbon in our environment is bad; it just is what it is. Nonetheless, we need to keep both violence in our entertainment environment and carbon in our physical environment, in better balance.

I suggest that we invite producers of violent movies and video games to participate in helping to fund a peace credits fund that would help maintain a balance of peace in peoples’ entertainment environment, much like companies are designating wetlands and forests as carbon credits to help reverse the imbalance of carbon in our physical environment. I invite gun manufacturers and even sports organizations to join in these efforts. Gun producers could set up peace credits funds. Sports organization would put some of the fines that are issued to the players and teams into this “Peace Credit Fund”

Then people who recognize someone as not having a healthy balance of peace in their lives could be nominated to receive some of this money to pay help finance whatever is determined by a committee to help these people create peace in their personal lives.

In summary, my peace credit project has two parts:

Part one involves a peace credit score just like a financial credit score to help people budget their own peace/violence budget.

Part two involves setting up peace credits funds to help reverse the imbalance of violence that is the bi-product pollutant in our entertainment environment.

I am also seeking philathropic benefactors to help start the funding.

Please invite me to speak about these ideas.      My contact information is:



phone:        509-276-0415

Thank you, sincerely, Jay Larsen

Copyright Dec. 2014: The terms “Peace Credit” “Peace Credit Rate, Score and Report” are intellectual property of Jay Larsen; nevertheless, using those terms is encouraged as long as is also mentioned.


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