ArmChair Institute

A think-tank, or non-think-tank, or lazy mans think tank.  To up-lift, inspire, and motivate a community, or cult(ure) to recognize a philosophy that may have outlived it’s purpose.  Inspire the community to begin to think outside the box and take positive action that will move the entire community to think, live and act outside that box into a greater box.  Thus inspire and motivate communities to live at a higher level.

To help a community realize that a philosophy may have out lived it’s purpose in that instead of the philosophy up-lifting, inspiring and motivating a community, the philosophy now creates fear or guilt, entrapping the community with unnecessary thinking and being more of a hinderance than good.  Thank you very much.

Welcome to the Armchair Institute.  My intention and my commitment to this is that this will be a think-tank for many ideas.  Yet to start off, I have simply created a couple humorous stories that I created during my summer experience while working at Bryce Canyon National Park.

The first story is about a little girl and a chipmunk, based on an event that my roommate Ernie Palisin (AKA “The Weasel”) shared with me.  I embellished it just a little and created a slightly compelling ending.

The second story is the cow’s perspective of the declaration that Bryce Canyon is a “hell of a place to loose a cow”, giving the cow a voice in the story.  I am the voice for the cow.  For all these years, the cow has had no voice in that popular declaration.  Now we know both sides of the story and you will now enjoy both sides of the story.

To read each story, simply click on the desired story at the right and that story will appear.

Thank you for visiting  the Armchair Institute.  Namaste’,


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