Arm-Chair Institute (also referred to as “ACI”) is not yet a 501c3 or has any professional license or certification. Any information on ArmChairInstitute.com should not be taken as professional and/or legal advice. ACI is only exercising a right to free speech. ArmChairInstitute.com prohibits the association of sexist, supremacist, or “hate” groups. The information contained on ArmChairInstitute.com and all sub-directories are subject to change without notice. This information is provided “AS IS” without warranty or conditions of any kind. Viewers read at their own risk.

Viewers must be aware that user created content, not created by Arm-Chair Institute or any of its supports, is subject to being reviewed, edited, or taken down.  The people of ACI however cannot read every post/comment/forum-thread and must advise the viewers to read at their own risk. ArmChairInstitute.com does not take any responsibility for any content created by a user.

If you are a copyright holder, unhappy with certain content on the ArmChairInstitute.com site please contact our support (support@ ArmChairInstitute.com any submitted complaints will be reviewed then followed by the correct action associated with the content in question. No one is guaranteed a reply. If you’re not an internet troll, spam bot, spider, or an angry person. You may have a chance of receiving a response.

ACI does not care about questionable spelling or grammar; however, ACI invites an occasional email with corrections and/or constructive criticism.  ACI also invites thoughtful evolutionary or constructive conversations   Nevertheless, its been the experience of the Chairman of ACI that how something has evolved is typically seen looking back.

ArmChairInstitute.com is hosted by “Wordpress.com” and utilized various software programs, including the following: “Libre”, “Survey Monkey”


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