ArmChair Institute is dedicated to exploring, celebrating, and challenging the entertianment culture in constructive ways.  

  1. We acknowledge the richness, excitement and marketability of books, movies, video games, intense competition in sports events totally immersing the participant, reader, movie-goer, gamer or armchair quarterback in the action. We also acknowledge that many democratic countries have voted for and ground in stone constitutional rights to possess and carry firearms.
  2. We at ArmChair Institute support and embrase all of these above mentioned things. Notwithstanding, however, we also believe that a new culture, or new approach to violence, hostility and aggression is necessary to ensure healthy individuals and healthy communities.
  3. The ArmChair Institute is dedicated to concepts that violence, hostility and aggression, etc. deserve to be viewed and accounted as liabilities on a ledger, balanced against assets such as community, connectedness, harmony, peace, tranquility, forgiveness, respect, (self respect and respect for others), appreciation, gratitude, etc. We from here on refer to the assets as ezential assets and the liabilities as disrespect liabilities, or diss-liabilites.
  4. We believe the average healthy person has a healthy balance of ezential assets enabling them to spend some ezential assets to enjoy participating in or using some diss-liabilities and still maintain a healthy balance. Nonetheless, we believe that there are many individuals who do not have enough ezential assets to allow them to participate or use diss-liabilities in healthy ways, for themselves or their communities.
  5. We also believe the publishers, producers, manufacturers and promoters of the diss-liabilities deserve to
  6. We seek constructive ways of helping and supporting people who may lack a healthy amount of ezential assets.
  7. We also believe organizations, corporations, companies, publishers, producers, manufacturers and sports promoters deserve to approach this from an ezential assets, dis-liabilities approach in order to ensure a healthy customer base.
  8. Your feedback is important to us. Please let us know when and how we’ve missed the mark and what you can do to help make ArmChair Institute better.
  9. We also encourage companies, organizations, publishers, and sports leagues to support this mission.
  10. Please email us at ArmChairInstitute@gmail.com

Send us your comments, questions or ideas by clicking “CONTACT” .

“World Peace, Peace by Peace, One Peace at a Time” EZential assets, Credits and Ezential Credit Rate is copyright of Jay Larsen and Arm-Chair Institute.  Use of these terms is encouraged as long as reference to ArmChairInstitute.com is included.


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