Yes, I agree, let’s try a different approach!

Yes, I agree, let’s try a different approach to peace and with relations with other nations.  I support the idea to allow US citizens to start having open relations with the citizens of Cuba.  This is better than continuing the past 54 years of what we have already tried.  I also believe that here at home, we deserve to try some different approaches to violence in hopes to curtail the growing amount of shootings.

Perhaps we can recognize that for the average person, peace is fairly well in balance, and the average person can afford to participate in violent movies and violent video-games; yet more and more people are experiencing peace in their worlds getting more and more out of balance.

I encourage everyone to look at my “Peace Credit Evaluation”  to help them determine whether they can afford to participate in violent movies or video games.

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Find out your “Peace Credit Rating

Take our “Peace Credit Evaluation” and find out how many violent movies and or violent video games you can afford to participate in.

60 Minutes featured Jon Kabat-Zinn talking about “Mindfulness”

IN an attempt to restore peace in our worlds, we deserve to practice peace in our lives.  Even by giving your neighbor a neighbor peace prize.  We also deserve to examine whether we can afford to enjoy a violent video game or watch a violent movie.  Give yourself some support of recognizing how to measure to peace in your world by answering the “Peace Credit Rating” assessment that is part of this webpage.

Anniversary of the Newtown, Sandy Hook Massacre

These shootings have to stop, and I recommend that we try taking a different approach for us to some of this violence.  We deserve to start looking at whether we can afford to watch violent movies or play video games containing violence, even though the violence my only appear to be again a virtual reality imaginative character.  For the most part, the average person, you and I have a healthy balance of peace in our lives that we can afford to participate in these entertainments, without having an effect on us.  Yet there is a growing number of people who are participating in these activities which is causing a dulling effect on their senses, so that they get their real world confused with their virtual world.  Please encourage everyone to consider the questions in my “Peace Credit Rating” evaluation and share them with others.

One Peace many Path’s

A group in Spokane Washington, called One Peace Many Path’s is having their annual Peace-On-Earth Party this Saturday. On September 11th, we had the first Compassion Games in Spokane and hope that this event will grow and grow. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday this year and let’s keep peace in our hearts and create peace in our individual worlds. Then we can begin to connect those peaces together. Let’s keep improving our “Peace Credit Rating”

Was Michael Brown truly unarmed?

The media claims that Michael Brown was unarmed when Officer Darren Wilson shot him, yet Officer Wilson claims that Michael Brown had his hand on the officers gun. So there is question as to whether Michael Brown was truly unarmed.  I suggest that the media deserves to not claim that Michael was not totally unarmed, if he truly did reach for and had his hand on the officers gun..

Start recognizing Peace in our communities.

One male student injured in the shooting has gone through surgery, while the other is doing well, Washoe County School District Chief of Police Mike Mieras said during a news conference.

Math teacher Michael Landsberry was identified by his family as the staff member killed in the shooting. The suspected gunman was also dead, and authorities say no shots were fired by law enforcement. Washoe County Emergency Manager Aaron Kenneston told Reuters that the gunman died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Gun control has not worked and world peace is a puzzle that keeps falling apart. so we’ve got to try something different.  Try giving a formal “Peace Recognition” to someone you know.  Over time this might help minimize all these shootings.