Assets vs Liabilities

EZential Credits

EZential Credits consists of two parts:

First part involves helping people everywhere to think about how much violence they can afford in their entertainment world, similar to a financial credit rating one would use to determine how much financial debt they can afford.

Second part involves recognizing that violence in entertainment is a bi-product pollutant in that environment just like carbon in our air is a bi-product pollutant of our physical environment.  It would be in the best interest of producers of movies, video games and guns to help customers, especially those who do not have healthy balance of peace credit and violence debit. 

Producers of movies, video games and guns begin funding ways to help people keep healthy balances of peace in their lives so they can continue to emotionally afford to enjoy the action movies, video games and guns that are marketed.

 The environmental community has created “carbon credits” to help reverse global warming and the imbalance of carbon pollution.  We, deserve to apply the concepts and ideas around carbon credits and global warming to our imbalance of peace in our communities.  Join us in this effort.

The terms “Peace Credits”, EZential Credits, and EZential Credit Rate are copyright of Arm-Chair Institute; nonetheless, using these terms is encouraged as long as every use of the term include reference to




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