Ezential Credits; Can you afford aggression, danger, violence?

The average person, you and me typically has a healthy balance of peace in our lives that we can afford to watch a violent movie and or possess a gun without a threat to someone else in our community. Yet, there are more and more people who loose that healthy balance of peace, or they have never had a healthy balance of peace, in that they have grown up surrounded by unhealthy conflict and violence and they have never had much peace in their lives, and thus by partaking of violent video games and or movies, they jeopardize what little peace they do have in their lives.

The Arm-Chair Institute has created an initial preliminary evaluation used to determine ones Gun Credit/Peace Credit Score. A Gun Credit Report/Score and Peace Credit Report/Score is designated to help communities determine if someone in their community can, or cannot afford to own a gun. This is also to help someone determine if someone has enough peace credits, or has a healthy enough balance of peace in their lives that they can afford to watch a violent movie, partake of a violent video game, or have a gun in their possession.

Gun Credit/Peace Credit Evaluation:

Utilize the following questions to help determine ones Peace Credit Rating and Gun Credit Rating:

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