Ideas for reversing global violence, bombings, shootings, fighting and war; similar to reversing global warming.

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Ideas to promote peace or help bring balance to violence, hostility, fighting, bombings and shootings

A good action movie or video game is fun, exciting and easily marketable, where as peace is not so exciting, maybe even dull and boring, and not marketable.  I, like anyone else, like a good action movie and even a good video game where the object is to destroy my opponent.  And that’s OK for the average person; because, the average human being, typically has a healthy balance of peace vs violence in their world, that they don’t even think about whether, or not they can afford to be a part of the bi-product pollutant in their entertainment world.  Just like we don’t even think about the carbon we put in our physical world when we drive a car. Etc.


Yet, we all deserve to understand that if we don’t keep a healthy balance of peace in our own world, we risk becoming out of balance with peace, much similar to the way carbon is out of balance in our physical environment. 

Therefore, just as we are trying to restore our physical environment to a healthy balance of carbon, we deserve to recognize that our entertainment environment deserves a similar approach.


Perhaps we deserve to approach violence, hostility, war, fighting, etc with some kind of accounting approach.  So, violence, aggression, fighting and war would be expenses and peace, compassion, respect for others and self respect, etc would be assets.  If someone does not have enough assets in their emotional account, they may not be able to afford violence, hostility aggression, fighting and war, etc.  And/or even help them determine if it would be healthy for them to own a gun. This is similar to someone knowing their financial credit score to help them determine if they can afford to buy a house.  Therefore, the terms that fit this description could be called: Peace Credit Score, Peace Credit Rating or even Peace Credit Report.


Also, we deserve to pressure video game and movie producers, as well as gun manufacturers into recognizing the need to dedicate some funds for the purpose of helping people who lack a healthy balance of peace in their world.  This would be similar to companies recognizing the importance of dedicating wetlands and forests for carbon credits.  This would simply be termed “Peace Credits” or “Compassion Credits” similar to “Carbon Credits”

Also, perhaps we could create some kind of formal recognition for someone to give to a friend, relative, neighbor, associate or even perhaps a former enemy for being peaceful.  We could call this a Neighbor Peace Prize.  It could be a lapel pin or a framed certificate.

Lastly, I believe we deserve to create a peace pledge which people can learn and repeat when they say the pledge of allegiance to our US flag; however, this peace pledge could be universal which could be repeated in schools around the world.

I have been working on a peace pledge and would like suggestions and ideas for improving it.  The following is my work-in progress of a peace pledge:


Peace begins with me.

I will cultivate, develop, nurture, encourage, support, and respect peace, even when peace seems dull, boring, not exciting or fun.  I pledge to make peace a part of my life; perhaps even get excited about peace in our world. I will create peace where ever and whenever I can.  I will create and show admiration for peace.  Peace deserves to be an asset in my life to share with others.

I Pledge harmony with all people; not necessarily perfect harmony.

Assets allow us to afford fun, exciting liabilities.

For a few years I have been starting a think-tank called Arm-Chair Institute dedicated to new, different and better ways to counter aggression, hostility, violence, war and fighting.

Our mission is to have people look at whether they can afford violence in their life. The key word, “afford,” leads to using an accounting approach, with assets and liabilities.

Assets include appreciation, community engagement, forgiveness, gratitude, harmony, neighborliness, peace, tranquility, self respect and respect for others.

Liabilities include aggression, battle, fighting, hostility, violence and war.

Actually the liabilities are what seem to draw peoples attention to most stories, movies,video games, sporting events and even, often, sermons.. 

Its our humanness that calls the liabilities fun, exciting thus bring the marketability to many things we do.

The average individual has a healthy amount of assets in their livelihood and their world. Most people have created ways to replenish those assets on a daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly basis through music, worship, reading, sharing stories and even enjoying and sharing myths. The average healthy person also respects other people’s stories and myths.  Having a healthy balance of assets enables people to enjoy some liabilities without creating unhealthy, embarrassing or dangerous situations they may later regret.

Some people do not have enough healthy assets and cannot afford to engage in forms of entertainment that involve aggression, hostility and violence without the risk of confusing their real world with their virtual world. This is happening today, when people have not maintained or never had a balance.

When they encounter a conflict in their real world, the only thing they know is to destroy their opponent, because that’s what they’ve learned in their virtual world of video games, movies and even in the name of religion.

Those who make monetary gains from the excitement and marketability of liabilities need to recognize the necessity to give back and help maintain the emotional health of people and communities, who make up their customer base.

We invite producers of violent movies, video games, guns and even sports leagues to take responsibility. We encourage religions, if they use words like battle, fighting and war in reference to evil, Satan or anything in the name of their god, to take responsibility, too.