Arm-Chair Institute (ACI) is a wanna-be think-tank dedicated to helping people look at some possibilities of why random shootings seem to be increasing.  As of today, I am just one person trying to look at different approaches to peace and different approaches to violence, fighting, killing, crime and unhealthy conflict resolution.

I believe that violence is a bi-product pollutant of our entertainment culture environment, just as carbon is a bi-product pollutant of our physical world environment.

I believe that we deserve to realize that just as our physical environment has become out of balance with respect to carbon, our entertainment environment has become out of balance with respect to peace vs violence and fighting.

I believe we deserve to recognize that we need to create a way to score or rate how much peace we have in our lives compared to how much violence our spirits can endure.

I also believe we deserve to pressure video game and movie producers, and even gun producers and possibly even producers of violence in music, to begin funding some of the peace imbalance that is a bi-product of what they produce.  I would rather not have it forced on companies through a government mandated tax.  I would rather have them, see the need to start funding the imbalance of peace caused by use of their products.  I am also not against the use of their products.  I like a good action movie just like anyone else does.  Yet, I am convinced that the average person has a healthy enough balance of peace in their lives that they can afford to watch a good action movie or engage in a violent video game, whereas others do not have a healthy balance of peace and risk confusing their real world with their virtual world by over-engaging in violent movies, video games and even violence in music.


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