Peace Recognitions are to be given just, simply to recognize someone for being peaceful.  We encourage not to try to think of something significant the intended recipient has done, to recieve a “Peace Recognition”.  Give them as though you are giving a Thank-You card to someone.

We offer three options for giving “Peace Recognition” (PR) Certificates to someone in your world.  Hold your mouse over the 3-ways menu above then click on any of the three choices that show up in the drop-down box.

They are: 

Option One:  Print “PR” Certificate On White Paper:

Just click on the certificate and print it just as you would any other document.  Then write the person’s name on it and the date and put your name in the space below the text; give it to the person, just as you would a “Thank You” card. 

Option Two:  Print “PR” Certificate On Bordered, Certificate-Paper:  (border must be less than 1.35 inch from paper edge)

Print the text on you own, bordered, certificate-paper, then write the recipient’s name and date and sign your name at the bottom, if you choose.  Once again, just ensure the certificate border art is less than 1.35″ from the paper’s edge. 

Option Three:  Send “PR” Certificate “Online”:

You also have the option to send someone a “Peace Recognition” via online.  We offer a n option to write the recipient’s name, the date and even sign your name at the bottom then attach it to an email, or copy and paste in your email.   However, copying and pasting may jeopardize the look of the certificate.     You just click on it and add the link as an attachment to your email, tweet or Facebook, etc.