Little Chipmunk

Little Blue-eyed Blond & A Chipmunk

by Jay Larsen

It was a sunny afternoon in the summer of 2009, the family staying in cabin room 534 at Bryce Canyon Lodge were pleasantly unsurprisingly surprised  when a  a cute little chipmunk entered their room.   The cute little blue-eyed, blond girl immediately fell in love the little guy and it looked as if the little chipmunk was taking a liking to her because she knelt down and held out her hand the little causiously swantered up to her hand.  During that week that same chip munk was at their cabin every morn waiting for them.   The day they were packing up to go home, there was that cute little chipmunk as if saying, take me home with you.  As they opened the car door to put their luggage in, the chipmunk jumped in also.  The girls father said the little chipmunk would not be happy in Chicago; he needs to stay here.  The Little girl, wanted so badly to take the little guy home with her.

The little girl pleaded again with her father; Daddy Please let me take the little chipmunk home. Oh honey,  Even though the little chipmunk is so cute, so are you, and we can only take you home with us.

Two days later, it was reported by some hikers that a well dressed little chipmunk with a little bag, a hat, a pair of sunglasses and a sign that said “CHICAGO” was seen sitting on the wall by the lodge, shuttle-bus-loading area. The hikers even thought they saw the little chipmunk crying a little bit.

We have since learned that Little Blue-eyed Blond and her family are from Chicago area and we are hearing reports out from Chicago that a little blue-eye blond girl was seen crying as she was standing on a corner carrying a sign that said “BRYCE CANYON”. (Interestingly, the little girl is only five years old, she was able to spell). We are also learning that the little blue-eyed blond girl has a pair of sunglasses, hat and travel bag that match those of the little chipmunk seen here at Bryce Canyon.

Now you ask, how do the reports from Chicago know the little girl has blue eyes, if she’s wearing sunglasses. All I can say is, I analyze and critique popular movies all the time that make these same kind of mistakes and the movies sell out, so humor me a little bit and just enjoy the story.

We request that all who read this keep their eyes open for Little Blue-eyed Blond and the little chipmunk. If you see either of them, please contact Santa Claus at the North Pole. We have enlisted his help in uniting these two. Thank you.

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Copyright August 2009, Jay Larsen, Chairman, Armchair Institute

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