Start recognizing Peace in our communities.

One male student injured in the shooting has gone through surgery, while the other is doing well, Washoe County School District Chief of Police Mike Mieras said during a news conference.

Math teacher Michael Landsberry was identified by his family as the staff member killed in the shooting. The suspected gunman was also dead, and authorities say no shots were fired by law enforcement. Washoe County Emergency Manager Aaron Kenneston told Reuters that the gunman died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Gun control has not worked and world peace is a puzzle that keeps falling apart. so we’ve got to try something different.  Try giving a formal “Peace Recognition” to someone you know.  Over time this might help minimize all these shootings.


Washington Deadlocked Because They Haven’t Tried “Different Approach to Peace”


Washington is deadlocked because they haven’t tried my “different approach to peace”

and start formally recognizing peace in their own communities, across the street, or, in this case, across the isle.  I implore everyone to print a formal recognition of peace from and give to your neighbor, or your political opponent

Message inspired by story from MSNBC. 

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